"The Spa For The Adventurous Soul!"

So play hard, we'll help you heal.

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In Person:

35 E Simpson
PO Box 3265
Jackson, WY 83001

Banya Hours:
Open Monday – Saturday
11:30am – 7:00pm
Open till 9pm Nov-April
*We allow up to 6 people at once
in the Banya, so please call ahead
for your reservation. However,
we do accept walk ins.*

Massage Hours:
Monday through Saturday
Closed Sunday

Via Phone:

(307) 732-0863






For The Local Service Industry Folks !

You folks know who you are,
slinging hash all day, always
on your feet and never getting
a break. So, you’re a little
sore eh? We understand.
So come on in for $5 off your hour
massage and add on the Banya
for $10.

While Bear & Doe prides itself
on their staff, they also
enjoy making massage affordable.
Compare The Village price average:
50(actually 42) minutes $145.
Us, 60 minutes $95
80 Minutes $205. Us, 90 minutes $140

Fall is Here, sort of!

During September and October,
come in for a 90 – 120 minute
massage and use the Banya for
FREE! Invite a friend to join
you in the Banya after your
massage for only $15!

Experience why everyone says it
“the most intense spa” they’ve
ever been to.

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