"The Spa For The Adventurous Soul!"

So play hard, we'll help you heal.

A Video of What We Do!

Jacksonhole.com says one of the
best places to get a massage and
that we have “the best masseuse
west of the Mississippi!” Hmm, Gary?

Free Banya Day

Saturday, October 17th

Third Annual Banya Day!

Free from 10am – 6pm.

Maximum of 6 allowed at one time.

It’s a community Banya, so your

neighbor just might be here.

BYOB to a limit and nothing for the driver.

Call to reserve your groups spot today.



Fall Savings!

Fall Banya Special:

Get two Banya passes and a pair

of Veniks for $35, reg.$50.

Veins are bundles of branches

soaked in warm water and used

in the sauna for thwacking.

We’ll show you how for free!


Another Fall Special:

Want to get muddy and smothered

in honey in our private steam room

with your honey? Jackson Holes

most unique spa service,

Couples Mud N’ Honey Steamer.

Reg. $125, now $110


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